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Ever wanted to get inside Dr. Scott Christies science brain and learn all of the things!? Well we're doing just that! But the best part? We're going to translate it in to layman's terms so we can all understand and apply to training, practices & more! We are so so thankful for all the science Dr. Scott can share with us, but we also understand sometimes it can be hard to break down into applicable knowledge, but we've got your back!

EVEN BETTER? This blog also serves as a resource for all the other amazing professionals we work with who serve you quality information every single month! Content from people like Jeff Benson (Mind Body Cheer), Lauren Papanos (Functional Fueling), Julia Glowinski (Glow Sleep Services), will elevate the educational resources that we are so eager to share with you all! 

Tell us what you want to learn, what you need help with, or what you think other people in our industry could benefit from and we will make it happen.


Every cheerleader & cheerleading coach needs a little bit of this to make a winning cheerleading routine! 

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