Dr. Scott Christie

President, Sports Scientist

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With over 30 years experience in both the cheerleading and health and wellness industry, Dr. Scott has a deep understanding of the physiological demand the sport of cheerleading places on the body both mentally and physically.


As a former cheerleader for Western University, Power Cheer Athletics, and his numerous years coaching, Dr. Scott Christie developed an extreme passion for the sport and the challenges it presents to the cheerleading community.

Through his many years as a sports scientist and health care practitioner, Dr. Scott Christie shares his extensive knowledge and expertise with the cheerleading community, to further strengthen and build the next generation of athletes.

Telfer Hanson


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The year was 1967 and 4-year-old me walking through the Toronto Maple Leafs dressing room, with a program in each hand, signed by every player on the Stanley Cup winning team, knew I had just won the lottery. You can catch me any day of the week watching endless hours of CNN – I am a news junkie (so my wife says). With 30 years in the investment banking world, the majority of which spent in the medical device industry. 


I have a love for travel. During the winter months you will very easily find my wife and I lying on a beach, kobo’s in hand, enjoying the sun. Reach out whenever you want to chat about sports, travel, or anything around the world as I consider myself a beacon of knowledge – or as I say - I know a whole lot about a whole little.

Brianne Hanson


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Cheerleading has been everything in my life. From the age of six, through university, to today, cheer has been my passion, drive and my connection to some of the people that have had the greatest influence on my life.


Fortunate to have competed at all levels, including Worlds, I also know what it is to be a captain. Being the Captain of the Laurier Cheerleading team taught me invaluable skills which are helping me to navigate the development of the most exciting cheer competition of my life... Cheer District.

Dr. Lauren Karatanevski


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Over 24 years Lauren tumbled, twisted, flipped and jumped my way onto the competitive stage of gymnastics and springboard diving.  My career led me to Provincial, National, World and Olympic level competitions.  Cheerleading is a sport that embodies the athleticism, skill and competitiveness of both these sports. 


Best of all, cheerleading is a sport where athletes from all over the world come together as a team where they don’t just cheer they connect. Now a health care practitioner, my passion for health and fitness persists as I share my knowledge and expertise with others to help them be the best and healthiest versions of themselves. 


Brenna Griffin

Office Manager

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Brenna Griffin is 26 years old and recently graduated from OCADU (Ontario College of Art and Design University). She received a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree and majored in Printmaking.


Brenna has over 13 years of competitive cheerleading experience and was a cheerleading coach for 5 years. Brenna is the Office Manager at Cheer District with her roles including customer service, administrative duties and social media.

Kass Landry 

Canadian & West United States Sales Representative

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Kass is from Ventura, California and has been a part of the cheerleading industry for over 20 years. Her athletic career started as a competitive gymnast, transitioning into cheerleading at the age of 10.


From there she has made her impact as an athlete, coach, choreographer and judge in competitive cheer, high school cheer & collegiate cheer. Prior to relocating to Burlington, Ontario Kass was the Director of Spirit Squads (Cheer, Dance & Mascots) for her alma mater, Boise State University.

Kass has her Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice from Boise State University & her Masters of Sports of Athletic Administration from Gonzaga University. Kass is excited to share her knowledge and passion for cheerleading as the Cheer District Canadian & West United States Sales Representative.

Jennifer Shears

Southeastern United States Sales Representative

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Jennifer is from Memphis, TN but currently lives on the gulf coast in Mobile, AL. She has her Bachelors of Business Administration from Columbia Southern University.


Her passion for cheerleading began during middle school when her school offered a competitive cheerleading program. It has continued and been passed down to her daughter who also has a passion for cheerleading. Jennifer participated in several sports throughout high school including cheerleading, soccer, and softball. Her passion for fitness has only grown over the years. She served 6 years in the US Army National Guard.


Jennifer is excited to share her passion and knowledge of the cheerleading industry in her new role as Southeastern Sales Representative. 

Mackenzie Harris

Director of Public Relations

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Mackenzie has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communications and French Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University and an Ontario Postgraduate Certificate in Public Relations. She has over 12 years of cheerleading experience, has competed on Team Canada Cheerleading (2015) and coached the Team Canada Special Abilities team in 2019.


Mackenzie began her cheerleading career at PCT Cheer & Tumble, a gym that shaped who she became on and off the mat. In her final year as a varsity athlete at WLU, she was selected by her teammates to be captain of the team - a position allowing Mackenzie to refine her leadership skills even further. 


Her role as the Director of Public Relations spans much further as she also works on tasks such as; social media management, content creation, company operations, event management, graphic design & marketing outreach.

Brittany Johnson

Director of Canadian

Sales Operations

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Brittany has been part of the cheerleading community for over 20 years. She has been an athlete, coach, tumbling coach, choreographer, event manager and gym director.


Named MVP and captain, Brittany brings a strong sense of cohesiveness and energy to the team. Brittany has competed multiple times at the Cheerleading Worlds, NCA, and many other competitions across North America, winning numerous International, National and Provincial Championship titles.


In her role as the Director of Canadian Sales, Brittany brings deep knowledge and understanding of the sport, strong leadership, and infectious enthusiasm to the Cheer District team and cheerleading community.

Christina Acosta

Director of US

Sales Operations

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Christina Acosta has been involved in the cheerleading industry for over 15 years. She began cheerleading at Cheerforce Wolfpack in Canada, which eventually lead her to earn a scholarship to cheer in Texas.


During her time as an athlete, she also worked as a cheer camp counselor, a tumbling and all-star coach, as well as, assisted with event productions.


After graduation from Tarleton State University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Studies, she continued her career by managing Cheer Texas in Arlington, TX and Trinity All-Stars in Roanoke, TX. She has also sat on the Southwest Regional Advisory Board for the USASF.

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