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Embracing Failure: An Opportunity to Achieve more

This isn’t our usual science based post about muscle fibres and rest, but it is extraordinary important. Sometimes, we need the reminder that failure, is not a failure at all, but in fact, it is an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to achieve more.

I want you to reflect, when was the last time you failed? Did you learn something? Probably! Do you think if you would have succeeded the first time around, that you would have had that same learning experience? Probably not.

Let’s use a stunt for example; something we can all relate to - a double base extension. It’s your first try; ready, 1,2. Dip - and it’s up! You’re doing it! You’ve hit a double base extension. Except you and your base are one foot apart. We all know, it is important for the bases to be together, to step into the stunt when going up. But, after your first time, because it HIT, are you thinking about where your technique was wrong, or where it should have been better? Maybe, but maybe not. If you had gone up in your stunt, and it came down, or in other words, the execution of the stunt failed - it’s likely you would have thought harder and analyzed WHY did it fail, where could you have been better. When you try the second time, you step in together, chest to chest, and the stunt is SOLID, not going anywhere.

So, when did you learn the most?

When you failed.

This theory can be applied to anything you do in life. Sure, it feels good to succeed, it really feels good to win - but if you don’t have some failures on the way, you may not learn as much as you could have to take those steps forward, those steps that will make the WINS easier later on.

Failing is an important part of life, and the sooner we can all accept that, the more we can get out of failures. We challenge you to stop thinking about failure as a negative, and think about it as an opportunity to achieve more!

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