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Dr. Scott Christie

Now offering 1-on-1 Training!

If you are looking to level up, and want personalized programming based on your individual goals, this is your chance. Dr. Scott Christie has trained some of the best athletes in the world including NHL athletes, & Olympic athletes, he's even trained the trainers!

Don't pass up the opportunity to elevate your skills this season. Submit an inquiry below. 

What you get with
1-on 1 Training 

Digital access to individual warm ups, workouts & cool downs 

1 hour monthly calls

Text access to Dr. Scott
(Monday - Friday) 

Personalized programs will be provided to you through one of our apps for access right at your finger tips. This app allows you to bring your workouts with you to the gym as well as allows Dr. Scott to monitor your progress in real time. 

Once per month, over zoom, you will meet with Dr. Scott for testing, questions & program updates. This will ensure your program is being adjusted to be the most effective for you and your goals!

A great feature of our personal training app will be your 1-on-1 access to Dr. Scott for any questions pertaining to training, injury prevention, nutrition & otherwise. 

All athletes under 18 will require parental monitoring. 

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